Professional Award Winning Artist, Lee Burrows

The Lee Burrows Story 

Lee Burrows - BA Hons. Fine Art (Painting) – Cheltenham & Gloucester University 
Hello. My name’s Lee Burrows, and art is my life. This is my story. 


As a child, I was at one with the countryside. Brought up in an old Northamptonshire farmhouse, I was never happier than when filling notebooks with observations of flowers studies, animal skulls and other natural objects. The countryside was the inspiration for a lifelong love affair with the natural world. 

As soon as I could, I left school and qualified as a welder. This enabled me to save enough to travel the world.  With my trusty sketchbook in hand, I explored Papua New Guinea, Africa, Australia, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. The life of travelling kept me busy and happy until, aged 24, I guessed it was time to take my art seriously and started my degree in Fine Art. Until then, I had no knowledge of art or artists. I’ll be forever grateful to the tutors at Kettering Art College for taking me on, with the only evidence of talent being my sketchbook. 
Dedicated to practice, study and research 
By now, there was no stopping me. At college, I painted, painted and painted some more. In a world dominated by conceptual art, I was determined to plough my own furrow. 
From Kettering, I moved on to Cheltenham College of Art and gained Bachelors Degree in Fine Art and History. devoted my studies to diligently studying the techniques of the old mastersalso spent endless hours and days refining my art in the Cotswold landscapeEventually, I found a gallery to exhibit and sell my work, and from there, my career took off. 
Itnot always easy to answer the question where do you draw your inspiration from?’.There’s no simple answer. There are two sides to my work – landscape and narrative art. On the one hand, I celebrate the beauty of the Northamptonshire countryside. On the other, I like to observe people in my paintings to take a snapshot of an aspect of today’s society. 
Landscape Paintings 
My landscape paintings are simple observations.  I try to capture atmosphere, distance, seasons, light, subtle colours, shapes and patterns.  And skies  who doesn’t love big, beautiful, blue skies - under which we can all enjoy wild spaces and solitude? 
Human Narrative paintings 
This is where my work chooses me.  As I wander around urban settings, I chance upon characters who have deeppersonal stories to tell. In my paintings, I bring these stories to life. 
British art is renowned for including marginalized, disenfranchised, and often invisible people, groups and events in our cultureThese are the stories that reflect today’s society and it matters that they are recorded. These are the stories that I seek to make real and give voice to in paint. 
The Human Narrative collections began when I spent four years volunteering with the clients at Northampton’s Hope Centre or the homeless.  set up an art class and enabling them to share through art their stories. This inspired me to paint their portraits and depict their life experiences. 
Not all human narrative paintings are prettySometimes they may make you want to look away. But it’s always worth giving them a chance  allowing yourself to hear their story. You never know what you might find. 
ExhibitionsCollections and Commissions 
I now live and work in the picturesque Northamptonshire village of Upper HarlestoneI’ve exhibited at galleries throughout the UK, Europe and America.  You’ll also see my paintings in private, corporate and museum collections throughout the world. Clients wishing to buy my paintings do so directly from my studio. 

Get in touch, and I’ll make sure you stay updated on my latest works off easel or at the annual studio sale? .  

Paintings that resonate with the heart 
For many people, my art finds a special place in their hearts – it resonates with them, giving them joy and eliciting meaningful memories. When customers approach me about a commission, this is often the starting point for our discussion 

They see my work in a gallery, an art fair or at my own exhibition and say, Could you paint something special for me? 
Commissions are the lifeblood of my work. I love working with clients to create something that they will cherish and treasure for years to come before handing it down to the next generation. After all, history gives us countless instances of paintings passed down centuries ago as family heirlooms being as good today as the day they were painted.